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Copywriting is the art of articulating your voice and brand. It’s about engaging with and influencing your customers, ensuring that your message resonates.

When you’re in business, words really matter. Concise, polished and evocative text will entertain, persuade and inform, but most importantly, help sell your products or services.

If you need fresh insight, I will create copy that ensures you say the right things, to the right people, in the right way. You can use your time more productively, concentrating on actually running your business, not writing it.



My Services

I will provide high-quality and engaging content to deliver your business message - everything from web pages and case studies, to brochures, blogs and press releases.


I can supply proof reading, editing and content writing for:


There are people you meet in life who you make an immediate connection with – on both a personal and professional level. Pru is one of them. I met her through a networking group and was on the lookout for a good proofreader to check written articles each month before going to print. 

I was so impressed by the glowing recommendations from members, that I got in touch with Pru to have a chat. We hit it off immediately and in the space of just a few months, she has become an invaluable and trusted member of Brand You Magazine’s editorial team. Her talent is undeniable as a highly experienced copywriter and proofreader and the attention she pays to every small detail is amazing. This is a lady who knows how to pack a punch with punctuation! 

But Pru is so much more than that. What I love the most about working with Pru is her mix of absolute professionalism with a kind, positive attitude, her bubbly personality and wicked sense of humour, her determination to get the job done on time and to perfection and how she instantly ‘got’ my vision for the magazine and wanted to be part of the creative journey with me, often willing to stretch way beyond the scope of work. We have fun, we do excellent work together and we’re proud of it!

– Olivia Marocco, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Brand You Magazine


Pru has played a pivotal role in the launch and ongoing success of 721 Challenge: a Guinness World Record attempt to become the first person in history to climb the 7 Summits, ski to both Poles (solo) and row the Atlantic. 721 Challenge is a high-profile partnership project with the international conservation charity World Land Trust, supported by high calibre business professionals.

During the planning stage of 721 Challenge, I quickly recognised we needed a professional copywriter in our team. A mutual contact highly recommended Pru Gayton.  Right from the start, Pru was brilliant. Her ability to grasp complex ideas (usually at speed!) and produce high-quality copy is exceptional. Pru is also an absolute joy to work with - a voice of calm and reason in high-pressure situations when faced with tight deadlines.

Pru has been invaluable in writing web copy, social media posts, sponsorship proposals, contracts and so much more. Pru's ability to turn around work at speed, and to an extremely high standard, is remarkable.

It is no exaggeration to say that Pru has become an indispensable part of the 721 Challenge team. I would recommend Pru without reservation to anyone looking for a copywriter. Thank you, Pru - we would be lost without you.

-    Nick Hollis, Professional Speaker & Seven Summiteer



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