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I will provide high-quality and engaging content to deliver your business message - everything from web pages and case studies, to brochures, blogs and press releases. 
I understand that your marketing activities require more than ‘just content’. I frequently work with talented graphic designers, branding specialists, web developers and video producers who I can highly recommend if required.

Your website is your digital shop window and the words are essentially your sales team, so your messaging needs to boost your online visibility and convert browsers to buyers. The content should be clear, concise and jargon-free: the essence of high-performing website copy.


It must resonate with potential customers and fulfil their buying objectives, as well as providing an appropriate call to action, to either buy your products, engage your services or book an appointment.


I will find the right words to communicate your brand perfectly and reflect your tone of voice. I will also be mindful of search engine optimisation. SEO copywriting requires relevant content with keywords incorporated naturally into the text.


Case studies are a very effective marketing tool, where you can wax lyrical about how happy your clients are. They allow you to showcase your client success stories, focusing on the tangible benefits you offer and highlighting the true business value that your prospects could also benefit from.


I have written hundreds of case studies across almost every industry sector but predominantly in the IT and tech space. I conduct interviews with C-level clients, following a tried and tested format, knowing which questions to ask to get maximum value from the discussion. A personal quote from your client is very powerful, inspiring confidence and credibility in your brand, business skills and expertise. 


It’s hard to view your own book objectively. As a professional editor, you can count on my impartial advice, experience and honesty to assess its readability, quality and appeal.


Editing a book is a collaborative process: I will work closely with you and support you from start to finish. The first round of edits will enhance and improve the clarity, coherence, flow, diction, sentence structure and consistency. I will simultaneously proofread your book, checking for grammatical, spelling, punctuation and formatting errors.


The second reread is much quicker, incorporating further changes and revisions. Once the book is type set, it will have a final proof read, ensuring there are no lingering errors.

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Blogging is a great way to express the personality of your business and highlight your knowledge and expertise. Creating regular, relevant content will help position you as a knowledge expert and will generate interest from your target audience.


Blogs and articles can also drive more business to your website, with popular, widely shared posts having a dramatic effect on where your site ranks on Google. Every time you write a blog post, especially one that is keyword-rich for SEO, it's one more indexed page on your website and you're creating content that can be shared on social networks too.


Despite the onslaught of online marketing, there is often still a valid place for printed collateral. Well-crafted copy for marketing collateral ensures that the message is aimed at your target market. It details features and benefits and explains succinctly and coherently why your product or service is a cut above the rest.


Whether you require a complete portfolio of sales material to reflect a new corporate brand or a one-page product sheet, I can help. By writing attention-grabbing, customer-focused copy on corporate brochures, flyers or leaflets, I will convey the vision and values of your company and persuade prospects to take action.


Press releases are a good source of free advertising. If you have a product, solution or service to promote, I can write a press release or editorial to help maximise coverage in your target publications.

As well as writing press releases and editorial pieces, I have a lot of experience writing award entries. There are potential awards in every sector and category imaginable! I can help you maximise the impact of award sub missions by researching relevant awards to meet your business objectives, gathering relevant material, conducting stakeholder interviews and finally, writing submissions and ensuring that the judging criteria is fulfilled.

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Direct marketing, be it a one-off mailshot, business playbook or part of a wide-reaching advertising campaign, is an effective marketing tool which can be targeted, measured and tracked. Direct maiI is a cost-effective way of reaching your audience and conveying your message.


Newsletters are also an effective way to help you stay in touch with clients. By offering news, tips, advice and special offers, regular newsletters will keep your company’s name firmly in the minds of your customers. It will also enhance your reputation, build brand awareness and hopefully encourage further sales.


White papers show that a business can offer a balanced, academic view on a topic, adding clarity to complex issues. They are heavily research-based and data-driven, demonstrating unique value and insight. Consequently, they will establish you as a thought leader and expert in your field, helping you to stand out from the competition.


Writing the copy for a white paper requires the ability to extract meaningful information from a variety of sources and translate it into coherent, compelling prose. I can also write company reports and collate information for customer surveys.


A strapline needs to capture the essence of your brand, epitomising what you stand for in just a few words. It needs to be authentic, unique and memorable. Most importantly, it must align to your brand values and tone of voice in ideally no more than five words.


The advantage of outsourcing your strapline to a copywriter is that I will achieve focus and clarity, without endless, internal decision-making. Although a killer strap line only needs to be a few simple words, it can take time…but it will be time well spent!

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It’s no secret that the use of video in content marketing is on the rise, yet many people still shy away from video because they can’t find the right words. I can alleviate this problem for you, ensuring that your video script says exactly what you need it to say, in a professional and succinct way.


You don’t necessarily need fancy bells and whistles: what’s important is the content of your message. It needs to convey your benefits and then deliver a clear call to action.


No matter how many times you check your document, you can’t be certain of picking up every error or inconsistency. I will revise your work until it is flawless, providing in-text feedback using Word’s track changes and comments.

I can edit and proofread any length or style of content, finding any discrepancies and making sure that your ideas are effectively expressed. Any spelling, grammar or punctuation errors are corrected and recommended changes will be made to the tone, format and structure of your copy.


It is widely acknowledged that CVs have just seven seconds to make an impression. Even if it gets that far, if a recruiter spots just one error, your CV goes in the bin. The secret of a great CV lies in making an impact, and that’s where I come in.


I also help clients enhance their LinkedIn profiles, writing a unique and keyword-rich headline, whilst tailoring their profile to the target audience. I focus on the profile summary which should act as your elevator pitch, differentiating you from the competition.

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