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Thinking of writing a book?

Or you’ve written the first draft and don’t know where to turn next?

One of the feathers to my copywriting bow is that I’m also an experienced copy editor and proofreader. You can count on me to offer impartial advice, suggestions and honest feedback to assess your book’s readability, quality and appeal.

Outsourcing the editing and proofreading of your book is critical for a successful outcome. It will enhance and improve the clarity, coherence, flow, diction, sentence structure and consistency of your manuscript.

I will simultaneously proofread your book, checking for grammatical, spelling, punctuation and formatting errors, with my meticulous (often pedantic!) eye for detail.

Editing a book is very much an iterative and collaborative process: it will require a couple of revisions until it is perfect, and I will work closely with you throughout your book journey, from start to finish.

I mainly edit non-fiction books, in the travel / adventure / lifestyle / health and wellness space, but I have been fortunate to work with many genres, including a range of business books.

I do not personally manage the cover design, typesetting, printing and publishing elements, but I know many fantastic people who can help and whom I would highly recommend.

So, if you want some feedback or advice, or maybe some initial coaching and guidance, give me a call and we can have a chat: 07971 447052, or email me:

PS – this photo shows a selection of my clients’ published books and there are a few more about to go to print or to a literary agent. It is so exciting to see them come to fruition and I love being part of that process!

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