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DIY copywriting’ just doesn't cut the mustard

So, you have paid a fortune for a sophisticated new brand, a beautifully designed website and expensive images. Why then do so many people think they can ‘just write the words’ themselves?

OK, you may have got an ‘A’ in your English GCSE and even your school teacher said you had “flair”, but copywriting is as much a specialist skill as web design, HR or accountancy.

These days, people have a very limited attention span and you only get one chance to make an impression. To let your business down with poor quality copy is just throwing away the valuable resource you have just spent on all other areas of marketing your business.

Good copy needs to:

· Tell your story and connect with your audience

· Be compelling, creative and eye-catching

· Reflect your business in tone, voice and approach

· Stand out from the competition

So, why do you need a copywriter?

1. You don't have time to write your content

How many unproductive hours have you spent at your desk, staring at a blank screen, desperately trying to write innovative copy for your new website, a prospect email campaign or a customer newsletter?

Everyday work usually gets in the way, and the content never happens. Even marketing managers find it hard to give copywriting the time and space it needs and, as with anything else, compromised commitment brings compromised results.

2. You are too close to your business

One of the most valuable things a copywriter offers is an outsider’s perspective. In-house staff will naturally adopt your company’s way of thinking but a copywriter - like any external consultant - brings a new and different viewpoint that can be refreshing and revealing. A copywriter who works for many different clients is exposed to a lot of ideas and approaches in the course of their work, many of which can be adapted to other sectors.

3. It is not your specialist skill (so stick to your day job!)

Copywriters continually hone their writing skills so they can write professional copy that will get a better response and ultimately increase your profits. Often with many years' experience in the world of marketing communications, in corporate, SME, B2C or all three, most copywriters will have the expertise to quickly understand your target market and medium, to provide you with exactly the words your business needs, tailored to your specific requirements.

4. You want to stand out from the crowd

The best way to stand out from your competitors is to have good content. Good writing is hard to create and it takes time, but a copywriter is trained to produce content that can give you the edge, attracting customers to you instead of to your competition.

So feel free to give me a call….

To summarise, it’s my mission to help my clients be successful in their business. When I am given a brief, or take a brief by asking the right questions, I am focused on one thing – achieving your objectives.Using a freelance copywriter means that you can use your time more productively, concentrating on actually running your business – not writing it.

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