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The power of LinkedIn recommendations

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

As any business owner knows, it takes time (and often, blood, sweat and tears!) to become established in your industry.

When you are building a business, you are also building your brand - whether that be with your products, services or skills. With that in mind, never underestimate the importance and value of LinkedIn recommendations. Testimonials on your website are all well and good, but could easily be fake! With LinkedIn recommendations, you are being positively endorsed and promoted in a truly authentic way - from the horse's mouth.

Employers and recruiters also say that a potential employee's LinkedIn recommendation profile can really help separate them from the crowd. A good recommendation from an ex-employer or colleague will reinforce your skills and credentials and ‘prove’ the claims on your CV or LinkedIn profile.

I wholeheartedly believe that it’s worth the time and effort to solicit positive feedback from your clients via LinkedIn recommendations. Oh, and it's also nice if you offer to reciprocate… the power of collaboration and networking is invaluable.

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