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Why I love being a freelance copywriter

Thinking about freelancing?

There are many advantages to being a freelancer – especially a freelance copywriter. Any freelance career requires a certain leap of faith but if you know your worth, and are prepared to put in the hard work, you won’t look back. Below are some of my reasons for extolling the virtues of freelancing.

Be your own boss

Being a freelancer gives you so much freedom and flexibility. Don’t get me wrong, it can often be hard work and very demanding, when you have a complex brief or a tight deadline, but you can choose when and where you work. If you’re an early riser, you can get up at 6am or, if your creative juices flow more freely in the evening, you can work until 1am. As long as the deadlines are met, the rest is up to you. If you’re prepared to exercise self-discipline and remain positive and motivated, a freelance career can lead to greater work satisfaction and productivity.

It is also a huge privilege to be able to combine a freelance career with family commitments. If you have a handle on your time management, you won’t have to miss those precious Christmas plays and sports days, whilst also keeping childcare costs to a minimum.

Endless and varied opportunities

Unless you work in a very specific niche market, a freelance career is very varied. As a copywriter, I could be writing about snow polo in St. Petersburg or the latest technology widgets one day and researching a historian who has been awarded blue plaque status the next. No two days are ever the same, so there’s little danger of getting bored. And there’s nothing quite like being paid to do a job you love!

Being a specialist in your field

Experienced copywriters are fundamental to a business’s content strategy. The demand for quality online content is growing at an alarming rate, so there's a lot of opportunity for freelance copywriters. If you are talented, experienced and reliable, you will undoubtedly be in demand.

A good copywriter knows exactly what to say and how to say it. You’re the one who has amassed the knowledge and skills to set your client apart from their competitors, giving them a unique voice and transforming the way their brand is perceived. Believe in yourself.

Building your reputation

As with any job, you need to put in the hours to reap the rewards, but once you get a good portfolio under your belt and a list of clients who are happy to recommend you, the stream of work can be steady. It is also very satisfying to build long-term relationships with clients who give you repeat business, as you can really build a good rapport with them and feel like an invaluable part of their team.

Career options

Freelancing prepares you for a multi-faceted professional career ahead. If you do decide to seek permanent or contract employment again, you will have a sufficiently broad range of experience, as

freelancer, to offer a permanent employer an impressive and varied set of skills.

Finally, I'm afraid I won't apologise for my Utopian view of freelancing because for me personally, it is as perfect a working format as I could wish for at the moment. But I have learnt to never say never, and always keep an open mind about potential future opportunities...

I hope this may persuade those of you sitting on the fence about freelancing to take the plunge!

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